Ubuntu MATE Guide: 18.04 through 21.04

The Ubuntu MATE Guide

In the early days of home computing, computers came with thorough documentation. It often included a set of manuals, detailing every button, port, light, software application and software feature. Ubuntu MATE provides its documentation right in the distribution. The Ubuntu MATE Guide can be found in the Ubuntu MATE menus at Menu ▸ Accessories ▸ Ubuntu MATE Guide and it is for users needing a little extra help while learning to use Ubuntu MATE. Although this guide doesn't attempt to come close to the level of detail in 90's vintage manuals, it's been created for you and other computer users like you who want a reference detailed enough to help you to learn about Ubuntu MATE and its applications and to build your confidence and competence in using them to get things done. (You can also see the guide in HTML format here: https://guide.ubuntu-mate.org)

Ubuntu MATE's Applications
Many of the applications available in Ubuntu MATE are also available in other flavors of Ubuntu and in other distributions (versions) of Linux.

The guide is divided into these main topics:

  • Overview: Ubuntu MATE is modern, full-featured, flexible and secure.
  • MATE's Applications: Applications provided by the MATE Desktop Environment.
  • Ubuntu MATE's Applications: Pre-configured with applications you use for daily computing.
  • Personalizing Ubuntu MATE: Making Ubuntu MATE your own.
  • About the Ubuntu MATE Project: The Ubuntu MATE project, objectives, hardware requirements, and downloading & installing Ubuntu MATE.
  • Support: Getting the help you need to use Ubuntu MATE.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Some common keyboard shortcuts using Ubuntu MATE, and equivalents you may have used with your previous operating system.
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions.