Ubuntu Mate is not starting suddenly

Hi Team,
I recently updated my distro from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 and used it without any issues for about 1 week. I did not used my desktop after that.
But, due to some work I again wanted to use my dear desktop, but now it is suddenly is not booting up.
I am just seeing a black blinking screen with a cursor after the MATE loading screen.
Here, is the error screen attached. It is stuck at the login screen I assume.

I also entered the safe mode and run the repair broken packages option as well. But no luck.
Kindly advise on this as I do not want to do the formatting and re-installing the OS.

Kind Regards,
Santosh E.

Hi :slight_smile:
It look more like a Disk issue.
Is it a SSD or a mechanical drive ?
You can try running a disk repair tool.

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google search is available:

It's an HDD. How to run the disk repair tool. I did not see the option in the safe boot menu

Hi back :slight_smile:
I would more focus on trying to copy the most important data from your home profile ext, and next once done, reinstall the OS on a new disk :slight_smile: :

Try booting a live CD from a USB drive, without installing something (live mode) get to a file browser (like caja) navigate to your hard drive > /home/user and try to copy your files to a other USB drive or a external hard drive.
Once your files are in a secure place, you can try playing with the damaged disk formatting it with zeroing or use some boot repair tools. I think last time the gparted software saved my life xD

Never trust a broken and recovered disk - it can be harmful xD

Hmm. I have separate partitions for my personal data. So, it is anyway safe. I'll try to use GParted tool if available on the live USB stick and see if there are any options to repair the OS ext4 drive