Ubuntu mate is slow at startup

I am using the 64 bit of Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2. When I power on the machine, my computer takes some time to boot up. What are the possible causes?

Could be anything. A good starting point is taking a look at what happens during the boot sequence:

systemd-analyze blame

Couldn’t find anything there. I disabled SSH at startup and printers cause I don’t use any printer. Hopefully that will speed things up. But I think it is because I replaced my router, so it is probably the network manager that slows things up. Thanks anyway.

Which gfx card drivers you use, open source or proprietary? I selected proprietary, and my boot slowed down. Open source was default.

The one from Nvidia that said tested. I used open source drivers in the past but apparently it is not the driver that slows things down. I disabled bluetooth, SSH, printers, and it is faster now. Disable any startup applications you don’t need or rarely use.

Your computer should get faster. Good luck.

Good that it got quicker.

For me, with open source gfx driver, the boot took 2-3 sec from grub2 boot menu, with “tested” proprietary, takes about double.