Ubuntu Mate login experience ( dual boot )

I used to dual boot with Windows 7 & Unity. When 15.04 was released, I decided to uninstall Unity and try Ubuntu Mate. The boot experience however was pretty disappointing.

First, at Grub dual boot screen, when I select Ubuntu Mate and press enter, there is blank square which appears in grub box for couple of seconds and then it proceeds to the login screen.

Second, once I key in the password and it moves on to the desktop, the panel on top changes weirdly from grey to black. When its grey, the menu button has image/icon missing, all for couple of seconds, before it settles to the dark colour panel and the Menu button appears as it needs to be. I had the ‘Eleven’ interface selected, which has the docky… again this does not appear for close to 5 seconds once I am at the desktop…

The OS itself is wonderful. I get to relive my initial years of Ubuntu when all was well seemingly :smile: … If these minor glitches are taken care of … it will be an awesome user experience.


did you follow this advice when creating your disk?:

Did you fully format your USB stick?:

Hi AlphaOmega,

did you treat your problems with Wolfman’s medicine? Any results? I have the same issues and the system otherwise runs fine and stable. I would hate to have to set up the system again.


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