Ubuntu MATE Lunar daily ISO image FTBFS since December

Hey there! I've been tasked to give an update that the ISO images are failing to build since December. I've investigated the seed and have found the solution.

Right now, you're seeding the pipewire-audio-client-libraries which is a transitional package for pipewire-alsa and pipewire-jack. I recommend removing that package and simply replacing it with the pipewire-pulse which should pull-in everything needed to transition to pipewire, if that is the intention. Since you have components which still hard-depend on pulseaudio, I do not recommend using pipewire-alsa at this time since they are technically incompatible and conflict.

The good news is that pipewire-pulse and pulseaudio are coinstallable and technically compatible. Interestingly enough, the presence of pipewire will override pulseaudio as the default sound server, so there's no need to worry. All pulseaudio applications will assume they're running on pulseaudio, when in reality they're running on pipewire. It's completely transparent.

Unless you have professional audio applications, there's no need for pipewire-jack to be installed by default, and it won't even function without additional configuration. We have the ubuntustudio-pipewire-config in the archive which is installable on any flavor that will give all of the necessary jack configuration for pipewire's jack plugin, making it functional.

So, in the core seed, what needs to happen is replace this line:

170 -pipewire-audio-client-libraries
170 +pipewire-pulse

I hope this helps get your builds back on-track!

(and I have no idea why I have a Canonical badge here, I don't work for Canonical)


Thanks @eeickmeyer :+1:

I'm making the required changes now :adhesive_bandage:


Welcome @eeickmeyer to the community!


I am happy to help promote some testing once the ISO is built.


Sadly the ubuntu-mate livefs build is still failing. It seems that some other seeded packages such as ayatana-indicator-sound have a hard depends on pulseaudio, so the build system is still trying to pull that onto the ISO.


That's not the issue. Again, pulseaudio can be in the seed. They need ayatana-indicator-sound for their panel. The problem is that pipewire-alsa is still getting pulled-in somehow.


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Very interesting! I hope to see this resolved soon and that a full transition to pipewire can be made! :grin:

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