Ubuntu Mate needs to be more beautiful and attractive



Doesn’t Compton support that, too? Else if not, I advocate for advanced features not in the current suite of plugins for Compiz, to install v0.8 should you want more like persistent windows unaltered by effects or more 3D cube model and window effects.


The distro needs to keep an identity which makes it unique among the others (colors, themes, default behaviours). Modernizing the Ambiant-MATE theme would be a good start, plus making sure window edges can be grabbed comfortably to resize with the mouse/touchpad.


There are talks at Ubuntu community hub about supporting the new default Ubuntu theme called ‘Yaru’ for MATE DE.

Link 1.
Link 2.


How did you change to orange for the menu selection colors?


I hope they can make that happen. :slight_smile:


Hi Apollonius, I send you link…


I like this topic, my orange folders and select in green MATE, who says that Green and Orange are not Mate?
Beautiful yes, attractive yes.


I found another theme, and I’m loving this this vintage look and feel…


I normally use X-Arc-Shadow theme and the default one back and forth. I’m pleased with what UM gives- considerable customization and yet very robust, stable and lightweight environment. Even though I have 8 gigs of RAM to spend, I don’t like heavy apps and systems.

P.S. I’m unable to upload this image directly here as it’s saying that I’ve crossed the 4 MB limit, even though this one’s just 1.1 MB, so I’m doing this via a image-sharing site…


I don’t intend to be mean, but this topic is going nowhere.

The concept of elegance is very subjective and personal. As a metter of fact, most screenshots here don’t fit with my taste. I find the themes and assortments ugly.

Here is an example of what elegance means for me:

And yet, for sure, some of you will hate it… It is a dead end.


I’m with you. Pretty doesn’t have depth.


Hi there,

So I just booted with a live UM USB Stick at another computer and must say that I really like the design, the dark panels and the possibility to tweak the design easily with MATE Tweak is a great feature. If you do not like the icon theme, install a new one. If you hate the general theme install a new one. If you do not find a great theme, make a new one and license it for free use and kick it to the UM developers.
So @phocean is totally right. There is not THE pretty theme, I like the standard theme and think it is not outdated.
But nevertheless I like to have nice discussions here.:grin:

Mickey :smiley:


I just would like some flat themes and maybe a material style theme shipped by default just so people don’t have to go find it


my screenshots - MATE+Compiz


IMO flat feels very ugly and looks lazy. But that’s me and if you like flat, that’s fine.


I don’t like all flat ie I cannot stand arc themes (rather I don’t like blue tinted themes including arc) but I guess a lot of people like it, but there are imo some good flat themes for example Mateambiance dark flat also mint y is not bad though it can be a bit to flat among other problems imo


it really depends on the theme itself, forme some flat themes suffer from being full blown eyeburners with extremely bright in your face colors, and some skeuromorphic themes can be absolutely horrendously ugly, like adwaita… which is also an eye burner on top of ugly.

because of that i’m working on my own theme, which is a slow process to get it to look right so that elements have nice contrast without looking like high contrast windows 98…