Ubuntu mate on made in leeds




What a fantastic organisation :slight_smile:


Ditto what @Wimpy said!. :smiley:


thanks guys were doing a crowd fund at the minute any hel would be appreciated and i have sent an email wimpy to your podcast see if we could get a mention on there


would also love to get some kind of authentication from ubuntu mate as an authorised supplier of mate or something like that naybe you could chat to someone on our behalf @wimpy


I can’t help with funding but if I can help you in any other way, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will see what I can do! :smiley:


The best way to help wolfman is to publicise the crowdfunding or if you know someone wanting to get rid of an old computer tell them to contact us we do data removal as well and provide certs once it has been done


I have a few friends in the Leeds area, I will let them and others know of your project. Good luck!. :smiley: