Ubuntu MATE on the HP Envy Note 8 as a daily mobile tablet device



Hi everyone,

I have taken it upon myself to ditch android in favor of an HP Envy Note 8 using, of course Ubuntu MATE.

I have an on-going series on my blog that does into depth of the difficulties specific to this device but perusing some of the issues requests here (Wacom, tablet, touch, gps, etc) some may be interested in following it. I've already found many Pi users doing similar things. Comments are most welcome there or here!

Since this is an ongoing project where I need to update things as I fix and/or workaround HP's proprietary limitations, this will be more a summary post than specific details/tutorials (see my blog for those).

As always thanks to the entire MATE team!

Master: https://gripfastistech.com/index.php/component/tags/tag/hp-envy-note-8

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