Ubuntu Mate on x86 Tablet

Is it possible to install Ubuntu Mate on x86 Tablet PC ?
I am clearly aware that drivers need to be writen .

I would assume that if you could get that tablet to boot off of USB or external CDROM in either efi or legacy mode then I don’t see why not. That said however things like WiFi, Bluetooth etc may not work.

So Android is a Linux distro . I believe it could be possible ! even so can’t the MicroSD work as storage device ? You can install it via pc on the microSD ( So I believe ) . The only unclear thing to me is how does the Tablets and phones boot the os . Do they have bios ?

Is it a windows tablet or android tablet? If windows it uses UEFI if Win 8+. If Android they use a thing called a bootstack which is usually proprietary firmware that is occasionally updated by the OEM.

Android tablet . Isn’t there a chance to run grub on the tablet ?

Not sure. Have you taken a look on XDA?