Ubuntu-Mate Online Accounts


I have used certain OSes such as stock Ubuntu which use Gnome online accounts which sync accounts such as Google drive into one’s file manager and I tend to like that feature alot while not liking gnome (Although it can be used in Cinnamon) I am wondering if such a thing is feasible in UM and especially if there is interest, because right now I’m installing gnome and then am going to keep removing features until I find out just what is required to make it run I have seen other posts on the forum about such things but they were never answered so I just was seeing what the general opinion of the forum was on this, I also know there is Caja dropbox for dropbox, but I can’t seem to get it to work and I do not really use dropbox anyways


Hi @Bernie,

open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and copy and paste the following command, that will give you the Gnome online accounts manager thingy:

sudo apt install gnome-online-accounts

I hope it helps. :smiley:


I have tried that but it doesn’t pull enough of the gnome control center to
make it work, and besides that gnome not MATE, anyways I will try purging
online accounts and reinstalling and see if that work, but I would like
something that is MATE not Gnome, I respect Gnome, but…


Don’t have another offer for you sorry. :frowning:


thank you for your help I am currently installing cinnamon control center
which may allow me to use it, I just wish I could figure things out to fork
it for MATE that would be good but as I can’t at least not now I will have
to patch it together, if i can


This is how I added it to my Lubuntu (with Mate panel)… Works great for me…
and it worked fine in my Mate installation

Installed with -

sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center gnome-online-accounts

Main commands I used was –

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications/
cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-control-center.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/
sed -i ‘/^OnlyShowIn/d’ ~/.local/share/applications/gnome-control-center.desktop

and then

sed -i ‘s/^Exec.*/Exec=env XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME gnome-control-center --overview/’ ~/.local/share/applications/gnome-control-center.desktop

Then you’ll find it under Settings in the menu…

After all that I went to the startup items and knocked off all the stuff i didnt want running


thank you very much that does seem to work, I’m behind a filter right now,
but when I get to less filtered internet I’ll try and make sure it works,


:closed_lock_with_key::clap:It fitted just like a glove, thanks a lot. :clap::clap:



Installed Mate about a month ago, followed your instructions and was able to load Google Drive via the online accounts “thingy”.

However, found it much easier for my workflow to just use Drive via a Browser. I have unmounted Drive however I still continue to see it under Devices and Computer in Caja.

Can’t seem to get the online accounts back up and running using the commands you provided so I can shut it off and completely eliminate it.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


If you want to remove it entirely just run sudo apt remove gnome-online-accounts which definitely erases the functionality


Thanks Bernie for the quick reply!!


i had same problem i solve this by removing " gnome-control-center gnome-online-accounts " then reinstall it again.
commands i used :
sudo apt remove gnome-control-center gnome-online-accounts
sudo apt install gnome-control-center gnome-online-accounts
XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME gnome-control-center

after this i add online accounts in there so i could use them in os