Ubuntu Mate Photo wallpapers - feel free to use

Hello, inspired by yours nice first artworks, I also had a little fun and I'm glad to share with the community..
All following wallpapers are from scratch by me, using original pictures of mine, with the only add of the Ubuntu Mate logos from the official repository here. I can release them under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons License, no problem at all. Attribution: Paolo Bravi aka Shamal.
I know that some people don't like photo wallpapers, but I hope that someone can appreciate that, even if I'm not a designer but more a photographer.
All pictures taken not so far from Rome, central Italy. I edited them considering the green color as the main identity color for Mate. Made with Gimp. Enjoy and let me know..


Thanks for creating these. I’ll start collecting the various contributions ready for packaging :smiley:

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Love it, especially the one with sheep and the filed. Is there an option to have this without the logo?

Thx Motang… If it’s just for your personal use and joy, pls write me a DM. See you

Yes it is for my personal use! : :relaxed:

Those are beautiful!

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