Ubuntu Mate poor network bandwidth Dell XPS 13

Before I start I need to say Ubuntu Mate is great on my laptops, raspberry pi and desktop PC.

A minor niggle is the network bandwidth I get with my Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu Mate.
The laptop only has Wi-Fi, the's no socket for a network cable.

My laptop duel boots Windows 10 and Ubuntu Mate.
I have a 1 GB test file on a Ubuntu Mate PC running SAMBA with a network cable.

If booted to Windows the time to copy a 1 GB file to the laptop is under 30 secs.
If booted to Ubuntu Mate the time to copy the same 1GB file is around 2 minutes.
I used scp and SAMBA running Ubuntu Mate and Windows network share when running Windows 10.

Is this because Windows 10 for the Dell uses the Killer Network Windows service and utilizes the duel network capability of the Dell while Ubuntu Mate does not?

This poor performance was seen on previous versions on Ubuntu Mate as well.
Both computers are now running Jammy Jellyfish.

Any other details can be provided on request :wink:

Oops sorry the laptop had been switched to the 2.4 GHz network.
Switching to 5 GHz gives Ubuntu Mate performance as good as Windows :+1: