Ubuntu Mate / Raspberry Pi 3b+


Hi team!

I was just wondering if anyone if their is some incompatible software for the Raspberry Pi’s 3b+? I can’t seem to find a list anywhere.

I am running Ubuntu Mate 1.16.2 on my Raspberry Pi 3, but have recently purchased the new 3b+ pi’s and can’t seem to get it to start up. I just get flashing red lights on the Pi, and a multicoloured screen on the monitor, does anyone know why?

Thanks, Sam.


The boot process isn’t completing.
Haven’t a clue which version you might have, since UbMate has advanced since v1.
If you’re talking about the latest version from the UbMate downloads, then there are several threads (already) about problems with the 3B and 3B+


There are hardware differences between the 3B and the 3B+, but you can get it to work. I put together a guide for the purpose: How-To Set Up and Upgrade Ubuntu MATE 16.04 on a Pi 2/3/3B+.