Ubuntu mate remote desktop with android

How can it be done?


cant believe the coincidence just done it yesterday.
for desktop I have installed xrdp and for android i use aFreeRDP works pretty nice together.

Thanks, i installed freeRDP.
What should be it’s setting to be connected to RPI2 running UM?

I’m not familiar with RPI2 but considering that RDP should use the same port everywhere and you was able to install it there shouldn’t be some special setup.
just remember if you are behind router and have DHCP ON you should assign an IP address based on MAC address of the device and then port forwarding to that IP.

on your android device just insert the IP or host name you want to connect + your credentials

There is a problem using smartphone keyboard with xrdp,some special characters like ‘-’ , ‘_’ , ‘+’ ,… don’t work.
I have this problem with usb keyboards too.