Ubuntu Mate + RPI2 + KeDei 3.5 TFT SPI LCD

Hello Guys and thanks for the great work!

Ubuntu Mate is the best distro for raspberry ever.

The only thing is that I am having such a hard time configuring my new SPI LCD to work on it. Most of the tutorials that work for raspbian still didn’t result or have some incompatibilities with mate’s structure.

I’ve been discussing it on FBTFT and Raspberry Forum.

In my quest i’ve discovered that this specific LCD only works with custom kernels because of the library ili9341 that has to be pre-compiled and loaded inside the kernel. Matter of fact, with the custom kernel compiled things seem to get better and I might be only missing the configurations.

Mate boots on the RPI but as soon as it get to the splash screen something happens, the framebuffer changes and I get a blank screen. If the RPI is connected to another video output (eg. HDMI) I get the blank screen on LCD and the other part loads X normally.

Here are some videos I recorded:

1 - BOOT: youtu . be / 1g4ffgse-iM
2 - TOUCH: youtu . be / gbjrhOrlRYM

Does anybody knows someway to help me?

Thank you in advance