Ubuntu Mate seems to cause my laptop to kick fans on more then Ubuntu

Ubuntu Mate seems to cause my laptop to kick fans on more then Ubuntu.
Anything seems to cause my fans to kick on. Running terminal? Browsing Firefox?
It didn't come on as often in Gnome Ubuntu. Does this have to do with the difference between Xorg and Wayland?


The fan comes on due to heat generated by the CPU generally speaking which means there is some processing going on. It may be this version of Mate has additional processes running in the background which can vary based on the desktop layout selected and what apps you have in auto start. There are many variables so it’s hard to give a specific answer to a general question from a subjective observation. Perhaps someone else can give a more definitive response? Mate from my past experience has always been a mid-weight desktop environment and I don’t recall how it compares to regular Ubuntu using GNOME which is considered heavier. Hope you can resolve this to your liking. Best regards….:+1:t3:

I understand that, but I feel like on Mate it keeps kicking the processor on way too much. I open Firefox: fans on. Randomly at idle: fans go in and out. I suppose what I need it help understanding how to make it stop doing that...

Atleast on Gnome it didn't kick fans off and on at idle. I think even browsing Firefox there was no fans

Thank you!

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I have no idea... but are you comparing the same releases? (or really same kernel stacks?)

I was QA-testing a jammy ISO on a box yesterday, and it appeared to cause the fan to run more that I expected (the device was running hot so fan on was expected; but hotter than I expected), using way more power too, but I doubt it's any changes other than possibly later kernel. I ignored the issue, if it continues to occur - I may explore it, but for now it's just subjective feeling.

But are you comparing a Ubuntu with GNOME and the the Ubuntu MATE using the same stack? or a different kernel stack?

(You didn't provide release details; so were the same release? or different releases? If using a LTS release; two kernel stack choices exist - with 20.04 the GA kernel is 5.4, or with HWE it changes over the life of the release (so two 20.04 systems may be using different kernel stacks). If using a LTS release, you can switch the stack you're using which may help/solve the issue as it's not a MATE vs GNOME issue. Use uname -r to see what kernel you're using. I could be way off here sorry; my thoughts colored by the QA-test yesterday which I didn't explore just assuming it was kernel stack differences for me)

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My bad, I am comparing 2 different releases and environments. 21.04 Gnome Wayland and 21.10 Mate Xorg.

I think I got down to the bottom of some of it. It appears Xorg is using my Nvidia Gpu in "Nvidia on Demand" mode. I need to figure out how to make it use iGPU while leaving Nvidia on for games and such...

I also used cpupower-gui to decrease my processor frequency(but it doesn't save on restart...)

Thank you friend!


If you would like download something like htop or bbtop. Just in case for future reference you could open one of those programs and see if you have a process hogging cpu/gpu resources and they give you the ability to kill the process as well. If you already know about these program's then disregard but they will give you an accurate look into future problems as well.


Here's a great video to help you tweak your setup:


Thank you friends!
I will look into this stuff!