Ubuntu Mate Software Boutique - window problem

Hi! When i wanna use the Ubuntu Mate Software Boutique, the icons and text not appear, just a left part of the window’s program can see. I upped an image to show.

My computer configuration:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz – 32 bits
informações do barramento: [email protected]
versão: 15.2.9
slot: PGA 478
tamanho: 2800MHz
capacidade: 2800MHz
largura: 32 bits
clock: 133MHz
RAM: 4Gb
Gforce RX5700 – 128Mb RAM

Hi @cesarcosta.br,

have you run all your updates?:


Yes. The problem persist.

Hi @cesarcosta.br,

open Control Centre > Hardware > Additional Drivers and look for the latest Nvidia driver as you have an GeForce GPU and there may be drivers available for it, select the tested ones!!:


Yeah but nothing! I tried install NVIDIA-Linux-X86-173.14.39-pkg1.run (http://nvidia.com/object/unix.html) after stop the service by lightdm and nothing again. I'd give up.. :disappointed:.

Hi @cesarcosta.br,

I think those drivers from nvidia are legacy drivers, what does the Additional Drivers Tool tell you?. :smiley:

Unfortunately nothing, nothing appears to select in Additional Drivers Tool.

HI @cesarcosta.br,

I can really only think that it might be compositing causing the problem?. Open Mate Tweak and select "No compositor":

Let us know if it helps. :smiley:

The problem persist. Also to welcome Ubuntu mate.

Hi @cesarcosta.br,

if you want to install the Intel microcode package manually, use the following terminal command (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!):

sudo apt install intel-microcode

This may or may not help you?.

Another alternative is to install the following modprobe package for Nvidia, again; it may or may not help you?:

sudo apt install nvidia-modprobe

“This setuid program is used to create NVIDIA Linux device files and load the NVIDIA kernel module, on behalf of NVIDIA Linux driver components which may not have sufficient privileges to perform these actions on their own.”

If you have a problem with either of the above commands, boot into recovery mode (see Update guide above) and run the following command:

sudo apt remove nvidia-modprobe


sudo apt remove intel-microcode

Restart your PC with Ctrl + Alt + Del!. DO NOT CLICK ON RESUME!.

Tks but i prefer not risk. I can install apt using anothers apts.

César da Costa
Enviado do meu iPad

Hi Cesar,

try my suggestion here:

I hope it helps you. :smiley:

Hi Wolfman!
I tried change the video resolution to 800x640 and works apt mate welcome, but de boutique not.
I’ll try your sugestion and return after with the result.

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Can you open a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) then launch the boutique from the command line?

ubuntu-mate-welcome --software-only

Any feedback you see in the terminal might be interesting.

The problem persist, just a left part of the window’s program can see.

Hi Cesar,

did you try my last suggestion about installing stock Ubuntu and then adding the Mate packages?. :smiley: