Ubuntu MATE stickers 25% off

Hope I’m not doing something against the guidelines but I just got an email stating that unixstickers is running a 25% off sale on all stickers in honor of the 25th birthday of Linux, My shopping cart already had all (most) of the Ubuntu MATE stickers in it for the last week, I was just waiting for some reason…

Ubuntu MATE stickers

I’m not affiliated with them, I’m just about to be a happy first time customer in a few min.

Edit: Should mention coupon code of LINUXBDAY, although it was automatically applied to my cart when I went to the site.

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I do not see Mate

That probably means that no one has bought mate stickers this month.

I’m also having problems checking out at the moment… Doesn’t seem to want to take my money!

Good point :slight_smile:

Also worth noting that unixstickers is where the Ubuntu MATE boutique links you for stickers, so I think these are kinda the “official” ones.

Your right, its an official link.

Thats the second time I been to that “Store”. I guess if I was to buy something, I go here.

Thats at the bottom of the welcome where they send us yanks :slight_smile:

FInally got an order to go through!

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Unix Stickers are our official sticker provider :slight_smile: