Ubuntu MATE Ultra HD 4K Wallpapers

I work with a Ultra HD 4K display and like high resolution wallpapers. The resolution of all Ubuntu MATE wallpapers are 1920x1280pixels max while 3840x2160 is required for a solid crip image.

I made up a new one with free to use images but the Ubuntu MATE logo's are not high res enough.
Is there a audience to create more variant? What would be cool as subject? (I'm a big fan of the Aurora Borealis/Northern light teheme).

Do others have cool Ultra HD 4K resolution wallpapers?

Here's are first attempts:

Download original image (Ultra HD)

Download original image (Ultra HD)


Would be great to get some SVG format Ubuntu Mate icons and logos for HD/4K media creation. - Hopefully you’ll be able to get something soon. The Borealis artwork is gorgeous, - it’s turned into something of a standard whenever I want to show UM to new users.


Great tip on HD 4k wallpaper. I’m going to design a few myself.


@richard All I can say is… WOW! As Darth Vader would say, “Impressive. Most Impressive.”


The first one is very nice! Pity I don't have a 4K display to appreciate them. :frowning:

There's actually some vector images pre-installed... you can find them here:

  • /usr/share/ubuntu-mate-welcome/img/welcome/ubuntu-mate-icon.svg
  • /usr/share/ubuntu-mate-welcome/img/welcome/ubuntu-mate-text.svg

The beautiful thing about vector graphics... the resolution doesn't matter. :slight_smile:


Vector images are most definitely preferred because of the scalability. The logo vector was already in the git repo, the text file is missing.

I looked on my 17.04 Ubuntu Mate installation(s) but I don’t have the ubuntu-mate-text.svg.
richard@Tully:/usr/share/ubuntu-mate-welcome/img/welcome$ ls -l | grep ubuntu-mate
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 5806 jan 18 17:50 ubuntu-mate-gray.svg
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 5890 jan 18 17:50 ubuntu-mate-icon.svg
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 148096 apr 20 00:24 ubuntu-mate-laptop.png

richard@Tully:/usr/share/ubuntu-mate-welcome/img/welcome$ dpkg -l | grep welcome
ii ubuntu-mate-welcome 17.04.12~zesty1.0 all Welcome screen for Ubuntu MATE

Is it a old image from a earlier version of welcome?

Yep, you’re right – I was on 16.04. Nevertheless, you can still find them in xenial-ppa branch:

Hi @richard, please could you upload the original “no logo” versions of these wallpapers here?

Here it is!


Do you have the 4K version of it? Thanks!

yeah 4k resolution no logo would be great!
1439 x 959 reso is a bit blured…