Ubuntu MATE UOS 15.05 Show and Tell

Oh heck, it’s me :dizzy_face:

If you missed the live UOS 15.05 Ubuntu MATE Show and Tell you can watch the recording and access all the source material. Thanks to everyone who showed up and partcipated!



I missed this one, but since you posted it on youtube, honor is safe.
Did you make an announcement about it ? I can’t see any… ><’
So I don’t know if I have been careless or if it was confidential…

I’ll be grateful if you can announce it on G+ someday before (or if someone can relay it there).

I posted to all the social networks and put a global sticky in here. Sorry you missed it live :cry:

Don’t be sorry, I probably missed the posts.
Have you plan the next one yet ? Like first week of June ?