Ubuntu MATE version for my 3 32 bit computers?

I have 3 32 bit computers on which I would like to install the latest version of Ubuntu MATE that will run on this architecture. The computers are: one each Dell desktop and laptop; and an ACER Netbook.

I would appreciate advice regarding the appropriate OS version (please don't tell me to buy new computers).

Thanks in advance for your help.


Unfortunately none of the Ubuntu flavours supports 32-bit anymore.

But the MATE desktop is also supported on 'Trisquel' and 'Debian' which do support 32-bit.

The last LTS Ubuntu supporting 32-bit was 18.04 which has no updates anymore for the desktop but as far as i know still some support, like security updates, for the underlying system until next year.

In the meantime I changed some of my very very old gear to 'Antix' which, although it is not slick, modern, or pretty, make them fly again. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the information. I will check out your suggestions.



DistroWatch has a search page. You put in what you require and it gives you the options.
Old computers> Desktop> Mate Architecture>( 32-bit i686 or i386)


If you don't mind Xfce I would recommend the Linux Lite distro. If you want Mate I agree with tkn, and would also recommend Debian or a Debian derivative. I also use Parrot OS with the Mate Desktop and it is noticeably faster than Ubuntu Mate on my two old Dell Inspirons that are exactly the salme. (I don't recommend it as it is not recommended for new users and highly specialized).
Sparky Mate a Debian based OS (which is a rolling release) with the Mate Desktop I would recommend.


Linux Mint 17.1 MATE 32-bit? https://archive.org/download/linuxmint-17.1-mate-32bit.iso/linuxmint-17.1-mate-32bit.iso but is not supported so... maybe not?

I didn't find any MATE 32 bit but there are alternatives https://itsfoss.com/32-bit-linux-distributions/

and I mentioned Linux Mint - but they are no longer supported. You could also try LM LMDE, but that only has Cinnamon desktop. Not finding a ton of 32-bits using MATE. MX Linux was supporting it, but not sure if they still are.

Rather liked the earlier versions of Peppermint OS (Peppermint Linux). Head guy died, but it's been resurrected as a Debian/XFCE product. Have a thirteen year old laptop that I've been thinking of resurrecting for my grandson. Didn't check, but pretty sure they still have a 32 bit version.

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Hello Albert

In your situation I would try this:

I always have a reserve machine with MX Linux installed, just in case... :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks very much to all that replied to my question with information, hints, tips, etc. The help offered is very much appreciated and gives me lots to work on.

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I had a look, and it looks interesting.