Ubuntu-mate very slow after intial install


I'm new at this so I'm sure I'll leave out information.

Here's what I have.

Pi 3 B+. Trying to install the latest Ubuntu-mate but the unit is painfully slow. I did see a message that try installing an earlier version, 18.04, but I can't found out where to download it. I noticed that the install , stalled, at the uogarde portion for a long time so I'm going to run the install without connecting to my wireless.

Having done that, are there any suggestions on why my Pi is running so slow. The desktop doesn't even seem to come up.


Mate on a RPi3b is a tight fit. Did you install the correct 32-bit version? The Raspian OS is a better fit - optimized for the Pi. A Pi 4 can handle Mate from my personal experience but based on the specs for the 3 - seems like it would be slow.

You can find the armhf version of 18.04 here: https://releases.ubuntu-mate.org/archived/bionic/armhf/format=deb

@hjv's thoughts on running a full GUI OS on a Pi3B+ mirror what I have experienced.

Good luck with your Pi adventures @Stevej


Ive tried it on Pi3B - it is abysmally slow, so only use 18.04 32 bit for that - which is usable if you don't ask too much of it.
There is ainother posting of the ;location for the old downloads a couple of days ago.

Thanks guys for the help. I can get ver 20.04 going but it isn't worth it. It's too slow.

I'll will download the other versions as per above. Thanks to all.

20.04 is very taxing with Gnome desktop. Also, the Pi 3b is 32-bit and all new Ubuntu distributions are 64-bit. :+1:t3:

HI Everyone,

I was on vacation but thought I would update everyone.

I ended up loading version 18.04 32 bit for this Pi.

It worked without a hitch, so that was successful.

I ran the updates and upgrades afterwards and that work too.

I have separate questions but thought I would ask them in another conversation.



Well the Pi 3B+ has 1GB of RAM, and the desktop uses about ~348MB of RAM when idle, so you don't have too much RAM to play around in. I suggest getting the Pi 4 with at least 4GB of RAM or the Pi 400.


Thanks BioHazard!!

It looks like that's the only solution.