Ubuntu Mate wins Over Linux Mint Mate - Testing and Observations

When I first used Linux I used Ubuntu Gnome many years ago my heart beat in love with Linux immediately period, no more Windows. Then came along Linux Mint and I turned traitor to Ubuntu - until now! Recently, I have used Linux Mint Mate 18.3 and for nearly a year. I thought it was boss because Mint was rated #1 by DistroWatch.com and it might be for other people who use it. What is wrong with Mint Mate to me?
There are just a couple of simple things which made the difference between it and Ubuntu Mate. Okay, when I used Mint Mate as I used the Firefox browser and the LibreOffice Writer both lost everything I had input in them when I minimized either of these programs. Respectively, Firefox lost entire Webpages and LibreOffice Writer would lose hard earned (not saved) writing I had done. As a avid writer, using LibreOffice and saving writing every second was a nightmate. There is a old saying by Alexandra Adornetto that says, " “Sometimes it’s the little things that count most.” Once more, I know very little about fixing Linux problem, but I am going to become certified in Linux. The things I explained were wrong for me with Linux Mint do not exist in Ubuntu Mate. Not bad for a distribution that ranks 26th by page hit ranking by DistroWatch. I think it deserves a much higher rating than that!

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Welcome to the forum @Muttley. Glad you are enjoying Ubuntu Mate.

If you’re a MATE enthusiast you may want to check the number #1 distro according to average user ratings and reviews instead of ratings by daily website visitors.

Ubuntu MATE is #11 down three spots since yesterday. Still pretty stellar, people obviously love UM and of course being popular with active development and support helps!