Ubuntu Pro for LTS Editions

Does anyone here have Ubuntu Pro for any of the qualified LTS editions? If so, is it worth having for the extra 5 years of support? Thanks


Yes, I do. It's useful depending of the use you give your computer. If it's personal use, then you should update sometime, since you may want the latest Firefox, Libreoffice... if it's a server, it's veeery useful. If you don't need to update your apps, it's also useful. Of course, you also have backports and some PPA for firefox ESR...


I have it & find it quite useful - of course I've also chosen to stick with 18.04 because it has been so very stable & frankly I've seen nothing about the newer LTS offerings great enough to make me switch 'up' on my daily driver box.

I do try out newer releases on my spare box & was strongly disappointed in 20.04, for example.