Ubuntu restart hp z820

I installed ubuntu 22.04 on HP z820 but noticed the computer restarts a few seconds after each shutdown! I tried with 20.04 but always the same problem. I expect a hint at solving the annoying problem and am obliged to disconnect the computer.
Thank you

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How old is your pc? Perhaps try a live session to see if the issue is there. You can also try a distro with a new kernel to see if that is the problem.

Hi, what did you use to install Ubuntu Mate, a DVD or USB stick?. I made a disk image on two DVD's and both were corrupted!. :slight_smile: My USB install works fine. :slight_smile:

I used the image on a DVD, I wonder if it is not something else? the strange thing is if you install a window on it the system is Ok. For my work I only use Linux.

Hello Coly-SAR

This could be a memory (RAM) problem.

The following discusses the subject and what to do quite well:

LearnLinuxTV - "A few things you should do BEFORE installing Linux" [A few things you should do BEFORE installing Linux (Linux for Noobs Episode 2) - YouTube]

My guess is based on (a) it happens early after switching on, and (b) it does not affect all operating systems. I hope this helps you get closer to a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

As @guiverc said in the lubuntu discourse forum here Bug... Failed Snap Daemon in Lubuntu 22.04 LTS. No Firefox. Help please - Lubuntu Support - Lubuntu Discourse Dvd's are slow and ubuntu and mostly every other distro out there don't focus on dvd media being fast. Even lightweight linux distros such as Ubuntu Mate don't see the purpose as it's only used by a few people these days. In fact, using dvd's as media is only recommended if your computer can't boot from a flash disk.

Hallo Coly_SAR

This may help:

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DVD media is [very] slow to boot, but once installed and once booted from the installed system, no differences should exist.

If the media validation occurred successfully & you saw the message reporting that, or if you missed it you scanned the logs & confirmed it's presence (what I'd do if I missed it which is relatively easy on DVD boots due to how long it takes) any install done by DVD should be identical to installs from USB-flash media.

Thank you all for the suggestions, there is someone more technical than me who is also investigating the problem. I interact with him and always give him indications based on those suggestions.
It looks the ultimate idea will be computer exchange because the tech has a z840 where the installation works without problem.