Ubuntu Server resource monitoring

Hello, friends :slight_smile: could you support me, I have a web system and it is very visited and upload files and I would like to know how to get the statistics on CPU, MEMORY and HDD consumption either of the day or of the month or of a time determined from a UBUNTU 14.04 server, since they ask me for a report of the server resources, I would greatly appreciate it.

Try - https://ubuntuforums.org/ for support of old ubuntu systems. This site is devoted to Ubuntu MATE.

A recent version of ubuntu, could you help with the question tool to use for monitoring server resources.

Please look elsewhere as I suggested.

Welcome! There are some web applications I've used that can provide statistics and remote management of the system:

:point_up: But Cockpit only shows a graph for up to one week from today.

There's also Webmin + Webminstats (I haven't used Webminstats, but it looks customisable).

Ubuntu 14.04 has reached end of life, unless the server is receiving Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) from Ubuntu Advantage.

The Ubuntu Forums might be a better outlet to ask as they've got a wider range of server users.