Ubuntu Software Centre has vanished

I installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 (32bit) on my Gateway laptop at the end of April.

I was then able to go to
System -> Administration -> Software Boutique -> More Software
and install “Ubuntu Software Centre”

I installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 (64 bit) on my Toshiba laptop at the end of May.
Now “Ubuntu Software Centre” has vanished from “More Software”

Has it actually been removed or do I have some bug?

Yes. It has been removed since it has been discontinued. Ubuntu 16.04 already didn’t include it and introduced instead Gnome Software. Ubuntu MATE did keep it for a while on its Software Boutique as an alternative software download center. But eventually it had to go away since it is no longer supported or even maintained by anyone.



I would advise you to install “synaptic”. There are some things which can only be installed either via synaptic or the command line equivalents. The Gnome Software Store does not list everything. synaptic can be installed via the Ubuntu-Mate Software Boutique (Software / More Software). :slight_smile:

With synaptic it helps if you know the name of the package you want to install, sometimes it is a little different from the name of the program itself. An internet search usually provides the required information.

i have just upgraded from ubuntu 16 to 18, & also am surprised to no longer find the software centre. is Synaptic the best replacement for it? does it provide an easy GUI interface?

i can't install Synaptic via the Ubuntu-Mate Software Boutique because it's already vanished. i went to http://www.nongnu.org/synaptic/ & clicked on the Debian package page link & it gives an error message. i had a look at the links page, & it says that Ubuntu is shipping with Synaptic, but i can't find it in my system.


Applications that are not installed by default can be installed from the Ubuntu repositories.

Run the following command in a terminal...

sudo apt install synaptic

...enter your password and synaptic will be installed. You'll find an entry for it in your main program menu.

thank you :slight_smile: