Ubuntu ‘Spyware’ Will Be Disabled In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Just found this, its about time too!:


About damned time. One of the main reasons for my dumping Ubuntu back in the day (apart from Unity itself) was this invasive search feature where details were passed to the likes of Amazon. I mean, what the hell were Canonical thinking when they introduced that?

Anyway, Ubuntu Mate provided my salvation and Canonical, it would seem, have seen the light with their flagship desktop Though, my guess is that, although they had hoped that people would just come to accept the new reality as laid out for them with Unity, they have come to reluctantly accept they have lost ground in the Linux world as a consequence and so are rowing backwards.


I dumped Unity because it is c*#p!. :smiley:

It is not in the least an intuitive OS and imo requires more mouse clicks to get things done!. :confused:

Hiding buttons on the top panel and confusing the user whereby they would not really be sure which window would close when you click on the “X” is a good example!. :confused:


I find supicious and security threatening ever online option that is enabled by default and I have to manually opt out from it.
Most of the time I’m not even aware or informed about this things.
Anyway, good job
Freedom and privacy should be protected.


To be as devil’s advocate for a moment, Unity isn’t half-bad as a UI. It only sucks if you are trying to remote into it because of how flashy it is.

I still don’t use it because… let’s look at Windows for a minute. Microsoft didn’t try to be a Mac OS X clone, instead they applied their own design ethos and are forcing developers to follow it or forever look liike an old, stodgy MS app, which quite frankly is the way I like it.

You must remember that Unity is optimized as a tablet-friendly DE, as such, it feels like you should use Ubuntu on a tablet. Same thing with Microsoft Metro / Modern UI, since tablet computing is most certainly the way of the future, and convertibles aren’t going away anytime soon.


Just a follow-up to myself with this line;

I meant to say, I like the old look and feel because that’s what I am use to, not that I like Microsoft penning developers to follow a single standard. As much as I love consistency, I don’t love developers compromising their design standards and having to overcomplicate with fancy things because they feel, or worse, are told they have to.

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