Ubuntu startup loader

Hi! I have ubuntu mate on an SSD and i run also Windows 10 on an SSD.
I have it so the boot loader for linux is not in use though it is installed on the Linux SSD.
I just press f8 at startup to start Ubuntu-Mate.
What i would like to know is, if i update the Ubuntu-Mate Distro, will it overwrite the boot
sector, will i have any problems booting either linux or windows? Because i have had alot of
UEFI problems at the start when i used ubuntu and windows, but after installing Windows 10
all of that is fixed. I hope to keep my machine healthy in this matter so please be sure about
the answer here because i dont want any UEFI problems again!

Please read through the following links:


https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UEFI-and-BIOS :smiley:


Can you be more clear when you state Update Ubuntu Mate? do you mean upgrade the system to another version of Ubuntu mate? or just run a simple update to bring the system current

Yes, upgrade the system

There always a possibility of some thing getting messed up when you try to upgrade the system especially when you do it within the systems upgrade

I would first make a complete backup of any important data and partitions, then decide how you want to approach the upgrade process. I prefer a clean installation it seems to be less problems that way

Are you given the option to upgrade when running updates?

Not sure, but i think so

See also:

Ubuntu Mate Update Guide :smiley: