I got a brand new Asus 300MA Chromebook this week. It’s got the Baytrail processor in it so I dont know if it will work but I’m going to try to install UbuntuMate on it. Anybody got suggestions on how to do it? ie anything different than a normal Crouton install?

Just to update I got Crouton installed very easily. But the mate desktop isnt in it yet. I will have to manually install it. I’m guessing it will be like a normal install once I figure out how to do it. In Crouton you have the option to install a core system. I’m assuming you boot into the chroot then add the ppa for 14.04 then install the mate-desktop. I’ll be giving this a try this weekend and report back to here.

I tried to install ubuntu mate an my Acer CB5-311 via adding ppas, but I failed because some of the dependencies (e.g. python-mate-menu) cannot be installed.
Did you have more success?

No success as of yet. Wish I was a developer and knew what I was doing. Otherwise this might already be solved by now.

I totally forgot about this thread.
Actually, I was successful on the CB5-311, using Clifford Wolf's script from Ratgeber Archive - Claire's Homepage and installing 16.04 via

sudo bash chrubunte.sh lubuntu-desktop dev

in Chrome and later installing mate desktop via

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop

There are some weird keybinding issues in Firefox, but besides that, it's working.

Thanks for posting this info. Before I found this post, I found another way of installing Mate on Crouton. I used it succussfully. The guide is found here.

Any tips on this before I try it? I’d seen that post, but wasn’t encouraged by the few comments. Did you just follow it as is?

The only modification I made was that I edited his script to reflect a previous LXDE install on my Chromebook rather than XFCE. Also, when he says to copy the script to /usr/local/bin, he forgot to mention that you need to make it executable. A simple “sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/startmate” takes care of that. Otherwise, it worked really well.

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Success. Thanks for sharing that you tried that method and it worked. I didn’t have the confidence to do it without hearing from at least one person who succeeded. As it is I probably would have failed without the command to make his script executable. Very nice to have Mate on my Chromebook.