UbuntuMATE tablet edition ATOM processors

Hey martin think about a tablet edition with a 32bit UEFI bootloader for the ATOM processors.

I have a tablet with a Z3735F processor and it needs a 32bit UEFI bootloader. I have ran your UbuntuMATE LIVE on this tablet putting a 32bit UEFI loader in the ISO files but can not install it. the only other thing it needs is to get the wifi working. there is a website showing how to get everything installed and working but would be nice to have a working ISO.

I cant find any distro that supports tablets with this processor and that have a ISO with the 32bit UEFI bootloader.

I don’t think it’s the processor, it will be the motherboard. I have a Dell Inspiron Duo (PC in a tablet form factor), which has an Intel Atom processor. It can run both amd64 and i386 just fine (I use i386 due to low RAM), but granted, that machine is a standard BIOS PC.

The amd64 images have EFI support, have you tried them?