UbuntuMATE Tablet Mode?

Is there a Interface that has GUI like Ubuntu Tablet WITHOUT changing the actual OS? If so how do I obtain it? Or is there a tablet mode?

(I’m creating a Tablet for a Project based on Micheal K Castors PiPad Using a Raspberry Pi 2 and the RP Official Screen NEED HELP PLEASE NEW TO LINUX, UBUNTU, etc.)

No, when it comes to Ubuntu MATE anyway. The distro does work and recognise tablet inputs (like swiping, pinching) but it doesn’t have any conveyance GUI like Ubuntu Tablet (Unity 8), which runs a bit differently under the hood.

This answer might help you if you’re looking for a tablet-friendly interface:

You can install another desktop environment over Ubuntu MATE if desired, or you can customize the panels and tweak the preferences so it looks good on a tablet form factor.

Thank you I will look into that thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: