[UI problem] A warning window should not be able to do this

Obviously the content of the warning, and possibly the immensity of it, is due to whatever specific problem Etcher is having at the moment. But this has happened before with other programs.

I'm just here to suggest that if a warning dialog box contains a message of over, say, 20 lines of text, then a scroll bar should probably appear at the right so I can actually read it.

I'm as Newbie as they get but I've had this issue too, only in something else, not Etcher

I was able force a scroll-bar by resizing the width by dragging the right-side of the window to as far left as possible and the width being super small, caused the pane to realize it need a scroll bar. I can see you don't have a dragable resize, but for now, can you resize the desktop window to at least get a full view of the error?

It's not a solution to there outta be a scroll bar, but for getting the info you need now from the error , will it work until there is a fix?