UM 16.04 - laptop on docking station + external monitor


I have turned off laptop screen (in display option) and set my external monitor as primary.
This is because i am using docking station, and my laptop lid is always closed.

Whenever i start my laptop while it is closed (from docking station), i always get a blank screen on external monitor (it acts like secondary - extended screen) and then i have to open laptop lid,from there i can see a login screen, then i have to login looking at a laptop screen, and just when it completes login it then checks my "display option" and set external monitor as primary and turn off laptop screen.

This is quite annoying as i have to open laptop lid every time i turn on laptop (by pressing power button from a docking station) in order to type login credentials.

Any way to set login screen to be displayed always on a external display during startup?

I would be very happy if i can solve this issue.. This happens on almost any distribution i have tried... this is not something specifically connected to UM.


Perhaps the following can help. See -

First, open the /etc/systemd/logind.conf file in a text editor as root.

Add this line - “HandleLidSwitch=ignore” and save the file.

Restart the systemd daemon with this command:

sudo service systemd-logind restart

Check to see if things are behaving as expected. Good luck vlajkom.

Thank you mdooley for your comment.
Your input, made me to think more deeply about this issue.
I thought that this problem is probably related more to Lightdm then to power options that is driven by systemd.

So i have found that inside: /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf.d
There was a config file: 99_ubuntu-mate.conf
And inside of it i saw line: active-monitor=0
I have replaced “0” with “1” and that solved my issue.

I have learned more today!

Thanks again.

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And so did I. Thanks vlajkom.

In Linux mint is the solution:
Go to Window Manage Tweaks -> Compositor Then remove Enable display compositing