UM 20.04 Samba Client broken

Since about 2 weeks connection between my UM 20.04 laptop and my smb drives is broken. Anyone experiencing the same issue and having a solution?

The drives worked well before, with the firewall being shut off and the smb min protocol set to 1.

Edit: I should add that my Windows computer still works flawlessly with my smb drives. So it doesn't seem to be an issue of the drives or the router.

Check if /etc/samba/smb.conf has at the bottom of the file the configuration of the path needed to get the connection

I'm not sure if I understand you well. At the bottom of the smb.conf file there's the "Share Definitions" section with various path settings which I've never changed. They are identical to the default settings, i. e. everything is commented out with the exception of the printer settings. Which path exactly do you want me to check or change?

If you have never changed the paths the problem is not there. I thought there would be sthg missing because when I upgrade most of the times in the configuration file
/etc/samba/smb.conf the path lines uncommented at the bottom dissappear.

When samba upgrades, it pops a text window asking to keep the existing configuration or bring a fresh one. If it brings a fresh one, your definitions are gone.

The upgrade process on my computer seems to be different or my client has never received an upgrade. I've never seen such a window during the update sequence, and the smb.conf file still contains the line for the smb min protocol I added a long time ago.

Where is your smb.conf file located?

It's located in /etc/samba/

If samba is installed there's no reason. Try to reinstall samba but I'm not sure it's gonna work