UM possible Wallpapers - Greece Nafplio

:ubuntu_mate: Team,

I'm sharing with you some :framed_picture: pics i took my last :palm_tree: vacation in :greece: Greece - Nafplio

If you are interested about, feel free to include them in :ubuntu_mate: UM or wherever you want.


:framed_picture: Full size url :

:greece: Greece is beautiful ! Do not hesitate to discover by yourself ! :slight_smile:


Thank you for visiting my country !


Hi Pavlos :slight_smile:

My Girlfriend is also Greek and both we are leaving in France.

We are wishing you Nase kala ! :slight_smile:

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Very nice photos!
Highly appreciated by another Greek :wink:

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Share with us some pics from :greece: Greece too guys :slight_smile:

there is a Visit Greece YT channel

also (from the Hellenic Tourist Organization EOT)


There are 4 photos I made a some years ago. Long forgotten.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Whoaaaa :slight_smile:

I love so much the 2 boat shoots :slight_smile:

It confirms the beauty of Greece :greece:

I hope this coronavirus outbreak to finish soon, and go there again to eat some suvlakia and drink some alpha :wink:


NIce images right there @olek. Thanks for sharing

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Thank you @olek. Great pictures

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