UM software boutique "software" thoughts

Hey all, checking the software boutique on UM 16.04 noticed that on software (additional) we get some options to download, like appgrid, software, and Ubuntu Store.

My thoughts are why ubuntu store listed on the bottom, should be first-up-most download option, is by far better and more polished than appgrid, software (the white bag) and others. I tested most of them.

Will this be fixed for next LTS version of ubuntu mate?

If you mean the “Ubuntu Software Centre”, I believe this is soon to be deprecated by Cannonical


Really? I really like how polished it is…I hate the gnome software (white bag icon).

Thanks for the reply

I quite agree Pablo. It make little sense

Well I’ve upgraded to 17.04 and the option to install Ubuntu Store is gone from the Boutique. You have the option to install Software, but I can never get it to display anything! There are a couple of other things in 17.04 I don’t like, so back to 16.04 we go!!

I’ve installed Mint Software Manager, otherwise known as “mintinstall”, which is very nice.

It may complain, when you open it in Gdebi, that some dependences are missing and so it wont install. If that happens, make a note of the dependency and search for a deb of it on the web. Then install that via Gdebi.

When I did it, the initial dependency wouldn’t install either because it also needed a dependency!

But, when I installed the secondary dependency, I was then able to install the primary dependency and then, finally, Mintinstall.

It works really well. Better, in fact, than the old Ubuntu Software Center.

See below: