UM16.04 sound settings do not keep user inputs when rebooting

I use a USB Audio Device with an Intel NUC. When you reboot, Alsamixer & the Control Center Sound
revert to HDMI which I quess is the system default. How can I make my settings the default?

Hi @2cm,

have you checked Sound Settings > Hardware?:

I don't see Sound Settings > Hardware. All I have in my UM16.04 is The Control Center 'Sound' which is different from what you posted. The CC 'Sound' has a USB Audio Device that says Analog Stereo Output! Every time I shut down or reboot, Alsamixer & 'Sound' revert back to HDMI. I want to make the USB Audio Device the default.


are you using Raspi?. :confused:

@Wolfman: no he is using an Intel NUC :slight_smile:

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try the following terminal command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/alsa-daily && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms

@wizd3m, thanks for the heads up, I wasn’t paying attention to that part!. :thumbsup:

I got the info from here and I hope it helps!: