Unable to adjust in-game brightness - Nvidia Open GL related?


I am really stuck here. I have been doing quite a lot with the nvidia settings recently, but from what I am aware, it has only been related to changing the fan speeds and creating a custom profile.

For some reason, some of the older games I play have just in the past few days been unable to allow me to change the brightness in game. I never used Nvidia to do this before, so I am wondering what is the issue. Turning the nvidia brightness up does exactly the same as the slider in games Basically more exposure then brightness, so isn't natural brightness like on a monitor OSD, but as the games are now just too dark to play, it would really help if i could adjust them. The games have an option to enable and disable Open GL. I remember that when it worked properly, having open GL enabled meant i was in the situation i'm in now - unable to change things in game and do everything via nvidia. Now the whole time I'm in game, the brightness is fixed even with open GL disabled. Is there some option I'm missing in the Nvidia program? As I don't really understand this stuff, I would rather not use this program much at all and just use the game settings, but I'm unable to change them.

Something I'm guessing could have happened, though not sure and don't know how to change it if it is the case is that it may have thought my monitor is smarter than it is and expects me to control things from there?

I think there must be something somewhere in the settings that is blocking applications from having their own brightness control.

Any advice?


Update: this bizarrely only occurs when the games are set to match the resolution of the monitor (1920x1080). If I set it to the next resolution down in full screen at the same aspect (1366x768), i have full control of the in game brightness. This makes no sense at all to me. Almost as if the native resolution suddenly is fixed and can't be controlled in game.