Unable to install fbmessenger

Hi All,

Having trouble trying to install fbmessenger, iv’e tried several links but all i get back after copy&paste into terminal is “unable to locate packages”.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi @davson723,

from what I can tell, there is no version available for Ubuntu 16.04?:

Where did you get the package from?, can you provide a link to it and what type of package is it?. :smiley:

See the “Read me” here!: (As of 13 February 2014 this app is deprecated.)

Hi wolfman,

I think your right, there doesn’t seem to be a version yet.

Thanks for the link but that is 1 of the options i tried & another couple with
similar commands, i also downloaded a Deb package which installed fine &
got the icon in Internet options (Applications) but when i click to open it, looks
like its loading but never does & from what i’ve read other people are having
the same problem.

Cheers for your help wolfman


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If you don’t mind not using the standalone application I use it, along with several other messenger web clients, with franz:

Also no installation required, it’s a portable application.

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Hi @davson723,

I would go with @Asta1986’s suggestion as I use that app for “Whats App” myself!. :smiley: :thumbsup:

Can we close this thread now?. :smiley: