Unable to mount Samsung Android Unable to open MTP device

Every time I connect my android phone to my desktop, I get a popup saying

Unable to mount Samsung Android Unable to open MTP device ..

Is there a way to stop those popups?

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Please see -

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Did you follow the post that was made on May 28th, 2014?

It is your problem, not mine fixit7. I'm not going to hold your hand over this.

Do you have a USB drive on your phone? I could never get my phone to mount on my laptop, until i figured out I needed a USB driver on my android phone. I use USB driver for Android, by Mobile Manager. When I plug my phone in I pull down from the top of the screen and it says "USB for charging" and "Touch for more options" if i touch I get
Charging only (default)
Transfer files (MTP)
Transfer Photos ( (PTP)
When I chose any one of those except charging only, my phone mounts using the MTP program on my computer and my MOTO 3 DCIM file mounts. From there I can drag and drop files from or to the phone and delete files, and access the micro USB drive.
I feel your pain. I tried numerous tutorials and NOT ONE mentioned your phone needs a USB driver. Hope this helps you. Here is the driver I am using ON MY PHONE.


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Thanks. I do not know if my Samsung S5 has a usb drive. I checked the specs and it does not show a drive. I think it stores pictures on it's memory card.

I am looking at Airdroid to do file transfers.

If you go the Play Store on you mobile phone and type in USB driver for Android by mobile manager about 5 or 6 different drivers will come up. Install one and then try to mount your phone. If it doesn't work you can uninstall it and try a different one. I am not sure they all work the same, so you may have to play with them. The one I use I originally thought you had to use the icon cube, but that only sets the defaults, you use the pull down list to use it to transfer files (MTP)

Hmm, the socket on the bottom of Samsung phones is a micro USB port. So your phone does have a USB drive. Just saying :wink: