Unable to play dvds

First off. I have installed, uninstall and reinstalled libdvd-pkg and ran sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg.
I have removed and purged libdvdcss2 and reinstalled it.
My system still will not recognize encrypted DVD’s. They do not come up in the file browser nor do they load in video plays like VLC. I have tried full system reboot. Going directly to /dev/sr0. Tried different DVD’s. othing.
I am running Ubuntu mate minimal 18.04.
I don’t know what to try next. So what should I try next to get this to work?

Even if they are encrypted, they should show up in the file browser.
As not even that is working it almost sounds like a hardware issue to me.

You seem to be correct. The drive no longer recognizes DVD’s. I do find that odd as it still recognizes CD’s.

Thank you for your help.

CDs and DVDs use a different laser, looks like the DVD laser bit the dust.