"Undecorate maximized windows" not available

My problem is very simple, the option to undecorate maximized windows is disabled. I tried with all compositors, and also with Compiz, just in case. I've been searching the forums for hours now, to no avail. There is no way to be found to enable the thing.

¿Any ideas?

mate-maximus was always the utility to undecorate maximized windows.

Unfortunately, in version 22.04 LTS it has been removed.
See the release notes:


We’ve removed mate-netbook from the default installation of Ubuntu MATE and as a result the Netbook layout is no longer available. We did this because mate-maximus , a component of mate-netbook , is the cause of some compatibility issues with client side decorated (CSD) windows. There are still several panel layouts that offer efficient resolution use :triangular_ruler: for those who need it.

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