(UNOFFICIAL) Ubuntu MATE 18.04 beta for the Raspberry Pi 3 (ARM64)

I’m excited to announce an (unofficial) Ubuntu MATE 18.04 ARM64 beta image for the Raspberry Pi 3 (as well as the Pi 2 Revision 1.2 which uses the same SoC as the Pi 3).

Please note that this image is currently in beta and may be unstable. Report bugs specific to this image in the Issues section of its GitHub page, and report bugs which affect Ubuntu (or its ARM64 port) as a whole on Launchpad.

Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio images will also be released at some point.

The GitHub page is found here.

You can download the image from the Releases section of the GitHub page, uncompress the 7z archive it comes in, and then flash it to your microSD card.

There is no way to upgrade a previous Ubuntu MATE 16.04 installation to the new image because Ubuntu MATE 18.04 uses a different kernel to Ubuntu MATE 16.04. So make sure you backup any important data if you are flashing the same microSD card containing your Ubuntu MATE 16.04 installation!

I’m hoping to get a stable release out by February 2019, hopefully earlier.


:kissing_heart: Nice. I will next week. Thanks for the work.

How do i unzip the .7z file in ubuntu

will this work on 3B/3B+?

It’ll work on 3B, as well as the Pi 2 revision 1.2. It should also work on the 3B+ because I updated the bootloader files (bootcode.bin, *.elf, *.dat) to be compatible with the 3B+, but one 3B+ tester reports that it hangs at the rainbow screen for them. The images do hang on the rainbow screen for a few more seconds than Raspbian and Ubuntu MATE (32-bit) because they use initramfs as well as a kernel to boot.

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