"Unreliable CPU Thermal Sensoring Monitor Disabled" message at boot


Receiving this message every time I boot. Something to do with the K10 Module.

Found the following potential fix:

On affected machines the module will report “unreliable CPU thermal sensor; monitoring disabled”. Users which to force it can:

Sudo rmmod k10temp
Sudo modprobe k10temp force=1

Confirm that the sensor is in fact valid and reliable. If it is, can edit


and add:

options k10temp force=1

This will allow the module to load at boot.



  • sudo commands but no change…

  • Haven’t tried editing the config file… not exactly sure how to go about it.

Any insight or solution to this problem is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

CPU: AMD Phenom X4, 9150e Quad-Core
Ubuntu Mate 17.10


Hi @LoRider,

have you made any changes in BIOS which may relate to the problem?. :smiley:


Try upgrading to Bionic. That solved it for me, although I’m thinking of retiring the [expletives deleted] thing, anyway. I’ve never been able to get it to run right – even under Windows. Must be AMD’s Edsel…


Hi Wolfman

No haven’t changed anything in the bios. Went into it yesterday and checked around for any thermal sensor entries but there were none.


Hi LoRider,

you can try setting BIOS to optimal settings anyway for that just in case scenario!. I don’t know if it will help though?. :smiley:


sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/k10temp.conf

This will open a terminal-based text editor.

Write inside:

options k10temp force=1

Then CTRL+X, then hit Y (or whatever letter means “yes” in your locale), then hit Enter.


Hi ouroumov

Your instructions on editing the k10 file were clear and concise and worked perfectly. Thanks for that solution and insight in to how it’s done.


I'm trying to install Kali and getting the same error on boot after installing (Amd phenom 9750). After the error, screen turns off and no way to type anything. Any help?