Unsure how or whether to report a possible bug

Hi all,

I've just upgraded to 22.10 from Jammy Jellyfish on my HP 8440p laptop.

I've started having intermittent bluetooth difficulties. The sound will drop out to my bluetooth earbuds but they remain disconnected. They will reconnect if i gnore the problem for a few minutes or i can click Bluetooth>Devices>Disconnect and they will do so and then reconnect automatically and work again for maybe 5-10 mins before dropping out again.

The earbuds work fine with other devices and worked fine with MATE before the upgrade.

I was going to report it as a bug but the bug-reporting section is unfamiliar to me and didn't want to interfere incorrectly.
Is there a layman's how-to on bug-reporting somewhere?


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Here is one:


Edit: click on link in How do I report a bug? / This tutorial for information on how to determine if it is a bug you are experiencing.


You can just mention it here in the community.

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