Update for Intel-Microcode as of today for 20.04.4 - I have an AMD desktop

"Changes for intel-microcode versions:
Installed version: 3.20210608.0ubuntu0.20.04.1
Available version: 3.20220510.0ubuntu0.20.04.1

Now, is this because I had to install support for i:386 ? So frustrating, because I installed WINE 6 just days before WINE 7 (which does require 32 bit architecture around) was released by their developers, a week at most! So when I update kernels, it asks me for additional x86 SMP kernel updates and such and all of that for nothing, since I did install WINE 7 and I'm thinking that since removing all of the 32 bit architecture could be as long as it was to install it (pretty long process),

I rather not touch it, at least until I install the PCI x4 adapter for the 256gb M.2 SSD for which I will be creating with clonezilla, a clone of the drive Ubuntu MATE is on, it's all by itself, no other partitions to that ultra fast M.2 SSD.

Anyways, is my assumption wrong? I don't know why I would have intel-microcode installed otherwise, I have nothing even in my peripherals that would need this, so I'm guessing this comes when one installs the i386 32 bit architecture, am I right? Can I skip that update? I mean, in Software Updater, it says literally "Processor Microcode firmware for Intel CPUs". Now I guess it installed the previous package at the original install before it figured out what processor I am running or...as I said, the whole 32 bit arch that I missed not having to install by a week :roll_eyes:

is this because I had to install support for i:386 ?

No, it's to work around a (yet another, SIGH) speculation vulnerability.

You don't need to worry about avoiding it. Worst case scenario is it runs once, sees you don't have an Intel CPU, and exits, never to run again.

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