Updated Image 16.04 for Raspberry pi 3

This is a updated version of Ubuntu mate 16.04 for Raspberry pi 3 . The updates on this image are until 31.12.1016.

This is a vanila/fresh install with the updates till 31.12. 2016 with ssh enable and nothing more
User name: ubuntu
Password: mate
!!!Change the User Name and Password after the first log on.

              How to Verify Downloads

Follow the steps from http://ubuntu-mate.org/how-to-verify-downloads/ But compare with the Checksum from below

Ubuntu mate…img SHA256 Checksum: 02ecd69316b13d0851626ce5e93edfc10bce3698d9cb21f29f8a7883c1cad3b8
Ubuntu mate…tar.gz SHA256 Checksum: 9eca42125ffd2bed86df6d0a03edaf403aa1b1574df12595f8cf45dfce3fa653

           How to install it?

1.Download the torrent
2.Extract .img from .tar.gz
3.Follow the steps from https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/

        Why should you use this or for who is this?!?!?

This is the fastest way to have all the updates and not wait for 5 hours to update the system
Don’t need peripherals to set up the system
You can ssh in to the rbp3 right away (ssh ubuntu@your-rbpi3-ip)

     How you download it?

Using a torrent app and downloading this file https://github.com/apolitech/Ubuntu-mate-rbpi3-updated/raw/master/Ubuntu_mate_16.04_updated_31.12.2016.torrent

This is the github page of this project