Upgrade button does nothing

So I thought I would try to upgrade vice fresh install on my Dell laptop. Hitting the upgrade button does nothing but close the updater window. I would have thought it would have started the upgrade process.

Hi mate :slight_smile:
Can you please try opening a terminal and execute :

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade 

This will fully update your computer.

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Thanks. I will do that. I was thinking the developers would want to know of the challenges some of us experienced.

Is there a difference between

sudo do-release-upgrade
sudo apt upgrade

I only ask after reading this

do-release-upgrade will upgrade your OS to new version ex :

You are running Ubuntu Mate 19.10. This command will upgrade Ubuntu Mate to 20.04.

apt update - will refresh apt cache - check for packages versions, and analyse with ones on your PC can be upgraded.
apt upgrade - will do the work that apt update have prepared :slight_smile: will upgrade all packages on your computer that have a new version.

Thanks. I see I was not clear in my original post. I currently have 18.04 and want to upgrade to 20.04.

I don't want to go to 20.10, just stick with LTS. So would
sudo do-release-upgrade
take me to 20.10 or 20.04?

OK, I found the issue. I installed Wine long ago. About a year or so ago it stopped updating because of incompatible packages. So even the terminal command would not upgrade the OS, but it at least provided a message to lead me to the cause. I removed Wine then the Upgrade button then worked.

Now I wish I did a fresh install as it has been 3 hours and the upgrade process is still chugging along. A fresh install would have been completed long ago.

Update: Upgrade completed in 8 hours. Everything looks good so far.