Upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04 - very positive experience!

Today I made the transition after waiting for many months. It went very well! In fact from my point of view this may be the best transition I have experienced.

I offer my thanks to the teams that contributed to the release!

Lots of smiles.


I'm glad to read your upgrade was smooth and positive. Do you have a server or desktop computer? Are you running any specialized services, or is everything OOB?

My machine is an elderly system 76 wild dog pro desktop. Probably nothing peculiar in terms of apps: firefox, brave,evolution, kmymoney, zim wiki, google earth, gramps, proton vpn, spider oak, vnc, kde connect, syncthing, printers (epson & hp), libre office, etc.


Great to hear of someone posting the greatness of Ubuntu MATE and not an issue with it. Thanks for posting and like you I've had little to no issues installing 22.04

Just confirming, you did an upgrade of your existing system vice a fresh build. Did you lose any apps?

It was an upgrade. Just lost one app (VUESCAN), but that was easily recovered.

So, just to be clear: You received a prompt (at boot/login) informing you an upgrade was available and you just clicked OK (I'm paraphrasing, but I think you know what I mean)?

I have been ignoring reminders and have been keeping 20.04 up to date using the Software Updater. When I got ready, I used the Upgrade button that was present in the Software Updater window to set off the upgrade process.

I'm finding 22.04 to be the best thing since 16.04, 20.04 was a nightmare for me and still breaks sometimes after "security" updates, Unfortunately I still need to use 20.04 as my third party tools and drivers haven't been ported yet.

GIMP and Kdenlive has now let me retire my last windows machine since I can now do border-less photo printing on Linux and Kdenlive or Shorcut have met my video editing needs since 16.04.